Short-form streaming video service Quibi is no more. After just six exceptionally underwhelming months in business—both in terms of subscribers and the content to which they were subscribing—it closed its doors and sold off its shows. But it still has one spicy, juicy story to tell, so gather ‘round.

In a brief filed Thursday in Los Angeles federal court, Quibi said Elliott’s founder and co-Chief Executive Officer Paul Singer, 76 years old, is in a romantic relationship with an Elliott colleague, age 70, whose son is employed by Eko, the interactive-video company claiming trade-secret theft.

“Elliott’s motivation for involvement in the lawsuit appears personal,” the filing said.

That’s right: Paul Singer maybe doesn’t think Quibi had a particularly good idea after all, he’s just doing his lady friend a favor! What relevance this has to the question of whether or not Quibi did, in fact, steal its screen-turning technology from a company that Singer’s alleged girlfriend’s son happens to work for is not clear to us, but it is at least evidence that Quibi is capable of producing more compelling content than we’ve yet seen from them.

Quibi Says Elliott Management Might Have Supported Patent Lawsuit Because of Personal Motive [WSJ]



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