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When the world came to a screeching halt last March, most assumed they’d soon be back in business. More than a year later, many of those temporary cessations have become permanent: Lord & Taylor and Century 21 are gone for good, along with one in 10 U.S. restaurants. The Arclight will not reopen. There will be no more 4 a.m. egg creams at Gem Spa. And Edward Bramson will not renew his long-running battle with Jes Staley and Barclays.

“It is a pity that the opportunity did not arise to join the board of Barclays to assist in a turnaround,” Sherborne said in a statement…. Mr. Bramson’s retreat is a vindication for Mr. Staley, who opposed Mr. Bramson’s vision for a smaller, less risk-taking Barclays that would focus more on its bread-and-butter U.K. lending business. He kept a large investment-banking operation, which proved to be a strong source of profits during the pandemic.

There was little love lost during Bramson’s battle with Barclays, but having chosen to take his money (92% of it, anyway, after the losses incurred) to more hospitable climes, he decided to set aside the sharp words for one.

“Business is not a science and so people of goodwill may, therefore, sometimes differ,” Sherborne said Friday.

And with that, he fucked off back to Connecticut.

Barclays Activist Investor Edward Bramson Sells Entire Stake [WSJ]

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