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In his increasingly frequent dark moments, Apollo Global Management founder—and former chairman and CEO—Leon Black must occasionally think, “This is what Jeff must have felt like.” For just like his longtime friend and business associate, Jeffrey Epstein, whispers and rumors (in Black’s case, in the form of tweets) of sexual improprieties have ballooned into legal proceedings, although those Black faces have far less serious and incarceratorial consequences (even if they are fatal to his dreams of one day reclaiming his kingdom).

In the lawsuit filed in a New York state court, Ms. Ganieva, a Russian immigrant who was in her early 20s and working as a model when she met Mr. Black at an International Women’s Day event in New York in 2008, alleges the billionaire “forced sadistic sexual acts on her without her consent,” lent her money as a way of exerting control over her and promised to help her get work beyond modeling that never materialized.

She was prompted to go public with her accusations after Mr. Black stated publicly last fall that no one had ever alleged he had engaged in wrongdoing, according to the lawsuit.

“This frivolous lawsuit is riddled with lies, and is nothing more than a wholesale fiction,” the spokesman for Mr. Black said in a statement.

If only Black’s old friend were still around, they could commiserate on their persecutions on a sandy picnic blanket.

Leon Black Accused of Defamation and Sexual Violence in Lawsuit [WSJ]

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