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You guys: You’re not going to believe this.

The Federal Reserve told Deutsche Bank AG in recent weeks that the lender is failing to address persistent shortcomings in its anti-money-laundering controls….

I mean, seriously, who could have ever seen this coming?

The Fed’s latest warning comes four years after it classified Deutsche Bank’s U.S. operations as being in “troubled condition,” a rare rebuke for a major bank. In May 2020, it issued a fresh admonishment over the bank’s money-laundering controls.

In 2020, Deutsche Bank also settled with New York’s Department of Financial Services over the bank’s role as a correspondent bank in one of Europe’s largest money-laundering scandals….

Still, surely another stern tongue-lashing will do it, right?

The Fed’s frustration has escalated to a point that the bank could be fined….

We can only hope there’s enough wiggle room left to pay for this latest unexpected expense.

Fed Warned Deutsche Bank Over Anti-Money Laundering Backsliding [WSJ]



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