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Monday’s a big day for God’s chosen investment bankers: Employees of Goldman Sachs are going back to work at its U.S. offices. Exciting, no, returning to the ghost town that remains lower Manhattan during weekday business hours? Brown-bagging it and working through hardship just like old Marcus Goldman did back in the day? Seeing a human being other than your goddamned kids and a view other than the really by now quite boring one of the beach in East Hampton or your garden in Chappaqua?

Get pumped, Goldmanites! Oh, and just one other thing.

The bank sent a memo this week informing employees in the United States that they had until noon on Thursday to report their vaccination status…. Disclosing vaccination status had been optional at the bank. In May, Goldman told employees that they could go maskless in the Manhattan office if they reported that they had been inoculated.

Now, all Goldman employees in the United States, regardless of whether they choose to wear a mask while in the office, will need to log their status in the bank’s internal app for employees. The app does not ask for proof of vaccination, but it does require employees to record the date they received their shots and the maker of the vaccine. Employees who falsify records will be subject to discipline, including termination of employment. Goldman has also informed employees through the app that their vaccination status may be shared with managers and used for planning.

Goldman Sachs requires its U.S. employees to report their vaccination status. [NYT]



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