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New York has fully reopened. People are thronging restaurants. People like Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, who has apparently seen a few too many of his charges dining out while continuing to enjoy their work-from-home staycation.

“Make no mistake about it. We do our work inside Morgan Stanley offices, and that’s where we teach, that’s where our interns learn, that’s how we develop people,” Chief Executive James Gorman said during the firm’s annual U.S. Financials, Payments & CRE conference from the bank’s Midtown office, which was held virtually this year.

“If you can go into a restaurant in New York City, you can come into the office….”

“On Labor Day, I’ll be very disappointed if people haven’t found their way into the office. Then, we’ll have a different kind of conversation,” the head honcho warned.

And that conversation will very much be about compensation if you’ve decided, like itinerant New Yorkers past, that those Aspen schools are simply unbeatable. Jim Gorman, after all, is a man who likes to economize where he can.

“If you want to get paid New York rates, you work in New York. None of this, ‘I’m in Colorado and work in New York and am getting paid like I’m sitting in New York City,’” Gorman barked.

"Sorry, that doesn’t work.”

And if you happen to be considering your options in light of the above, perhaps at a high-paying hedge fund, well, allow Gorman to introduce his enforcer, newly-minted co-president Ted Pick.

The diminutive Pick was known on the trading floor for his outsized personality and a fanatical devotion to Morgan Stanley. It wasn’t uncommon to see him loosen his tie and run up and down among the desks, seldom shy of getting in people’s faces.

One underling recalled briefly entertaining a job offer from a rival firm after failing to make managing director. Pick snuck up behind his workstation and whispered: “If I hear you speak to them again, I’m going to crack your head.”

See you all in September!

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