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John McAfee was many things in his extraordinary three-quarters of a century on this planet: A software and cybersecurity pioneer. A two-time presidential candidate. A world traveler. A television fan. A gambler. A father 47 times over. A number of allegedly unsavory things best not brought up both because it is untoward to speak ill of the dead and because they will now never be fully adjudicated in a court of law. And, above all, a former Dealbreaker contributor.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

McAfee was found dead in his cell in a prison near Barcelona on Wednesday around 1 p.m. ET…. A statement from the Catalonia regional government Justice Department… said "everything indicates" that McAfee could have died by suicide.

His death came after a ruling from a three-judge panel at Spain's National Court in Madrid this week that McAfee could be extradited to the United States to face charges there…. McAfee was arrested in Spain in October after being indicted in the United States for tax evasion months earlier.

John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison after his extradition to the US was approved [CNN]


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