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The good, honest, hard-working, not-at-all-unusually felonious people of Florida, which is definitely not the worst state in a union full of stiff competition, have had enough, according to conservative radio bloviator Chris Ingram. Enough of these left-wing Wall Street agitators—who his governor-friend has definitely not put out the welcome mat for or crowed about them fleeing in hordes to his not-at-all alligator-infested tax haven—coming to his not-particularly-nice-or-quiet not-particularly-beach community and imposing their liberal ideas on people, like that publicly-traded companies should make money for their shareholders.

Elliott wants to force ill-advised changes at Duke. Among the proposals includes one to break up the company, which could have significant negative consequences for the state’s energy consumers…. A few months after Elliott and Evergy signed a cooperation agreement, Kansas’ State Corporation Commission opened an investigation out of concerns that “Elliott’s focus on increasing shareholder value will place Evergy’s customers at a high risk of paying higher rates or receiving lower quality service. ...” This was followed by a similar investigation from the Missouri Public Service Commission, which wanted to ensure that Elliott “will not lead to unnecessarily higher rates or diminished quality of service for Missouri rate payers.”

I mean, who would want to live in a socialist nightmare hellscape where profits come before people? What kind of good, rock-ribbed conservative could stand for such a Stalinist principle? Not Chris Ingram, that’s for sure.

It’s clear that Florida can do without this Wall Street billionaire’s meddling with our public utilities.

I mean, honestly, whatever would give this kind of mewling, simpering pinko the idea that the free market has a role in something so important as provision of electrical power to regions that would be uninhabitable without air conditioning? That big business should make money for a highly-valued service? Certainly not a half-century of Republican platforms and conservative ideology, no sir. And worst of all are these guys coming down from NEW YORK CITY to tell us down here in God’s swamp country what to do. I mean, where do they get off?

Elliott Management Corp…. plans to move its headquarters to West Palm Beach from Midtown Manhattan…. Singer’s co-chief investment officer and expected successor, Jon Pollock, owns a home near West Palm Beach and has been living there during the pandemic, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. The now-permanent move by Pollock, as well as several other senior employees, played a big role in the decision to shift the headquarters, said one of the people.

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