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During their amicable and not-at-all-contentious divorce, Citadel chief Ken Griffin made clear that he would not be on the hook for keeping his soon-to-be-former wife and namesake fed, clothed and vacationed. No: He may be the richest man in Illinois and lord of a $1 billion-plus-and-growing global manor, but the mother of his children would have to work for a living, thank you very much.

Luckily, Anne Dias learned hedge fund management from the very best, and key negotiation and motivation techniques from her ex-husband. And so, after two years of laying the groundwork, she’s ready to get back into the game that he forced her out of in the first place.

Dias, 50, began fundraising last month for a long-short strategy to be managed by her Aragon Global Management. The New York-based firm, with roots dating back two decades, has been operating as a family office for her personal wealth in recent years…. She… worked as a portfolio manager for industry heavyweights including George Soros and Andreas Halvorsen before starting her own firm in 2001 with seeding from another billionaire, Julian Robertson….

It wasn’t until May that Aragon filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to become a registered money manager, a status that permits the firm to accept outside capital. The registration took effect in June, when Aragon Partners, the onshore version of the long-short fund, also began raising money.

Anne Dias Returns to Money Management With New Long-Short Fund [Bloomberg]



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