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Like maintaining a decade-long friendship and business relationship with pedophile even after his conviction for sexual assault, cheating on one’s wife is not illegal. Like getting caught bringing your family to Jeffrey Epstein’s private sex-trafficking island, however, it is immoral, unsavory, potentially embarrassing and generally detrimental to one’s reputation.

And that, and only that, is the reason that former Apollo Global Management chief Leon Black—last seen funneling at least $188 million to Epstein—agreed to pay Russian model and former mistress Guzel Ganieva more than $20 million on top of the millions he’d already given her while they were fucking.

In 2015, Ms. Ganieva asked for a meeting with Mr. Black, during which she threatened to go public with their relationship unless he paid her an additional large sum of money, the filing states. While Mr. Black didn’t meet her initial demand of $100 million, the two did reach an agreement later that year, according to the court document….

The 51-page document, in which Mr. Black responds to the initial complaint and makes counterclaims against Ms. Ganieva, cites excerpts from conversations between them that he secretly recorded and text messages. Among these are messages of love and appreciation immediately following the alleged July 6, 2014, sexual assault.

“It was very nice to see you last night...I love you and thank you!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo and more love,” Ms. Ganieva wrote to Mr. Black the next morning, according to the filing.

nother message appears to show her initiating contact with the former Apollo chief before the alleged incident, telling him “[t]his is love. I need you…” and requesting that he bring a bottle of wine to her home that evening. In her complaint, Ms. Ganieva states that Mr. Black “barged” into her apartment against her will on the day she says he assaulted her….

In the filing Monday, lawyers for Mr. Black suggested others might have been involved in encouraging Ms. Ganieva to come forward, without naming anyone, stating that they would “reveal...whether she is acting alone or is working in concert with, or at the behest of, a third party who might wish Mr. Black ill.”

Now, Leon, why would anyone would have it out for you?

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