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If the reports and lawsuits are to be believed, Bill Gross doesn’t take getting dumped well, whether it be by the firm he founded and built, his son or—most importantly for today’s discussion—his ex-wife. So when Gross (allegedly) trashed what was soon to be her Laguna Beach home and left it reeking of vile odors (both natural and synthetic), Sue Gross took her Picasso and bought a “magnificent time warp” in Beverly Hills to 1970, long before she ever met her estranged husband and alleged tormentor. This was apparently insufficient to put those traumas in the past, and so seven months later Gross bought a neighboring “escape” from Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

Three years and an ongoing global pandemic later, Gross is ready to move on to something a little more her, literally: She’s got a custom-built 90210 pad just about finished, and even her “extensive property portfolio” apparently doesn’t require three places in Beverly Hills. Plus this is a house that apparently needs to be sold every third year. So she’s parting ways with Ellen’s old haunt, albeit without hope of the same 119% profit enjoyed by the former owners at her expense.

Sue Gross, ex-wife of retired billionaire bond king Bill Gross, is listing a Beverly Hills estate for $38 million…. The home has four bedrooms, teak and Ipe wood detailing, a walnut kitchen with a skylight as well as a covered patio. There is also a large outdoor pool, according to the listing agents.

In an email, Ms. Gross said she was drawn to the home for its “resort-like” feel. “It provides an escape without having to leave the city,” she said.

Ms. Gross bought the home in an off-market deal from Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi for $35 million in 2018, records show.

Ex-Wife of Billionaire Bill Gross Lists Beverly Hills Estate for $38 Million [WSJ]


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