This week, Elon Musk is going to have to do something he doesn’t like to do: explain himself to the hoi polloi. Specifically, to a judge in Delaware, before whom he has been brought by some haters (pension funds, etc.) over his decision to bail himself out to the tune of $2.1 billion shareholder dollars.

And yet, we have a suspicion that the thing that will most irritate him this week is this savage comparison from TPG’s Jim Coulter. Although, if he could get passed the burn, he might consider calling Coulter to the stand.

Coulter: There were a few companies back in 1998 in technology, take AOL, which were famous. But roll to the future, AOL is no longer what it was.

Picker: So if AOL was kind of the darling of the late ’90s, what do you think is the darling equivalent of the current stage for climate?

Coulter: Well it’s clear in the public markets that Tesla, in some ways, is garnering attention — it may not end like AOL ended — but it’s an early understanding of the importance of one sector of the climate-change universe. So EVs are a portion of what needs to happen.

Don’t you see, sheeple? That’s why I had to buy my failing, flammable solar panel company from myself. Just ignore the whole AOL thing.

Elon Musk Is Called to Defend Tesla’s Purchase of SolarCity [WSJ]
TPG’s Jim Coulter says Tesla is the AOL of electric vehicles, but won’t necessarily end the same way [CNBC]

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