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Among the many services convicted and now dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly provided his friends and associates were those of an intimate nature, by which we mean that in addition to being a sex creep himself, he also served as an alleged pimp to other sex creeps, most notably (allegedly) a prince of the United Kingdom.

Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black is not alleged to have made use of those services, instead relying on Epstein for only “limited” “estate planning, tax and philanthropic endeavors,” as well as occasional catering. But, according to his one-time mistress, Black sought to return the favor to Epstein in currency more congenial to his interests (as well as at least $188 million).

[Güzel] Ganieva alleged that Mr. Black, who has characterized his relationship with Epstein as professional, was actually close personal friends with the disgraced financier and knew Epstein had a sexual predilection for “pretty and very young girls.”

In the latest filing, Ms. Ganieva also claimed that she unwittingly accompanied Mr. Black on a private-jet trip from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., in October 2008 to meet with Epstein, who at the time was on work release while serving his sentence for soliciting prostitution from an underage girl. Ms. Ganieva claimed Mr. Black and Epstein tried to lure her into a sexual encounter, but she resisted.

“Ms. Ganieva soon found herself alone with Black and Epstein in a room that appeared to be an office,” according to the Manhattan state court complaint…. According to the lawsuit, Black and Epstein were “in almost supine positions, as if they were waiting for her to get on top of them.” Black then “indicated with his eyes that he wanted Ms. Ganieva to come and lay in between him and Epstein.”

Ganieva says she refused to have sex with them despite Epstein’s assistant allegedly warning her that the men were “sex addicts” and that “there will be consequences” for displeasing them. A few hours later she and an angry Black flew back on Black’s private plane to Teterboro, NJ, she alleges.

And that, Ganieva says, is why Black was eager to keep her quiet and not, as he claims, due to the personal and professional embarrassment that would come from the revelation that he was keeping one on the side. Because, according to her, she wasn’t alone, and Black wasn’t all that careful.

In the document filed Monday, Ms. Ganieva alleged that Mr. Black, who is married, had no interest in keeping their affair secret because he had conducted numerous other affairs in public, including with other young Russian women.

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