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Are you one of the—to judge by the reaction of its share price after the deal was announced—one of the relatively few Pershing Square Tontine Holdings SPAC investors disappointed to see Bill Ackman’s groundbreaking deal for a chunk of Universal Music Group fall by the regulatory wayside? Well, cash out of the blank check and give the old boy a call, because you still can vicariously the success of the next Taylor Swift or Seventeen hit (if perhaps not DaBaby’s) and give Bill a much-needed helping hand.

Bill Ackman’s hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management LP is in discussions to raise $1 billion to help fund its bet on Vivendi SE’s Universal Music Group…. The firm is set to raise the capital, which would supplement $3 billion of its own capital, via a so-called sidecar vehicle….

Sure, it’s not the same as getting a piece the Lana Del Rey action and watching the emergence of the SPARC butterfly from the SPAC cocoon, but it’s something.

Pershing Said to Seek $1 Billion to Fund Universal Music Bet [Bloomberg]


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Too Big To SPAC

The SPAC is dead! Long live the SPARC!

Bill ackman beach

SPARC Extinguished

A SPAC is apparently a SPAC after all.

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SPAC Turned SPARC Turned SPAC Again Sued

Bill Ackman thought about doing something, and therefore is illegal.

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Bill Ackman Having None Of This Cockamamie SPAC Lawsuit

Do you see any stocks in Pershing Square Tontine’s portfolio? He didn’t think so.


You Know, Actually, SPACs Are Stupid And Bill Ackman Doesn’t Want To Run One Anyway

But he’s had a SPARC of inspiration, however many months too late.


Who’s Administering The Enemas Now, Danny?

Bill Ackman and his new buddy are holding the tube this time.

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Bill Ackman’s SPARC Not Exactly Lighting A Fire Under SEC

In fact, they think maybe he should just throw the whole idea on the fire.