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It has been the particular province of this website over the years to offer a glimpse behind the gilded and, as we know from experience, heavily fortified and guarded doors behind which Steve Cohen goes about his daily life. It began, of course, with the castle on Crown Lane, ice-skating rink and all, whose preeminence above all other square feet in Greenwich had to be preserved. In the not exactly untroubled years since, that has come to seem like a barely-habitable hovel, at least when compared to his even larger place in Greenwich Village, and what should be a larger place but for the have lesses in East Hampton. There’s even the $35 million place in Beverly Hills, a town in which he doesn’t even own a baseball team.

But, incredibly, he hasn’t had a place of his own to rest his head in the Sunshine and Sickness State in four long years. Even as Ken Griffin bought every parcel in sight, and peers such as Dan Loeb, Igor Tulchinsky, Adam Wyden and Jared Kushner—and pretty much everyone else—found their place(s) in the sun, Cohen stood by. With the opening of two new offices in Hurricane Alley, however, this was bound to change, and has it ever.

On Aug. 9, the hedge funder and 97.2% team owner closed on the sale of a 31,000-square-foot mansion located in an unincorporated area of Palm Beach County near Boca Raton and west of Delray Beach…. Pegged as the Rockybrook Estate, the gated mansion is described as a “world-class design and lifestyle of unrivaled amenities, privacy and security,” according to the listing…. Unique amenities include a club room with a bar, card table and billiards table; a cigar room; a cinema-style theater room and even a two-lane bowling alley in a massive children’s lounge.

Rockybrook also sports health and beauty areas, including a spa treatment room, salon, gym and sauna, a championship tennis court and a meditation space overlooking the tropical garden.

Do check out the pics over at the Post. The place may not be quite as big as the original Casa Cohen, but it is every bit as hideous as it sounds.

Inside Mets owner Steve Cohen’s insanely luxurious $21.6M Florida estate [N.Y. Post]


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