Through all of the recent unpleasantness, Leon Black has stuck to his story. Well, his stories: The Apollo Global Management co-founder had no idea about all of the seedy things his limited business associate Jeffrey Epstein was getting up to on what he thought was just a pleasant picnic island, and while he himself may have been a philanderer, he was no pimp.

The updated and more lurid version of his former mistress’ lawsuit against him rather threatened those legally safe if still unappealing narratives: Not only did Black know exactly what his convicted sex-offender friend was up to, he was an active participant in the depravities—and attempted to rope said mistress, Güzel Ganieva, into them.

Well, Black has now responded to those specific allegations, and has taken the same approach as another man once accused of knowledge of and participation in wrongdoing.

Mr. Black says flight records and third-party testimony from a female associate of Epstein will show that a purported 2008 private-jet trip from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., never took place. He says he has a recording of a conversation in which the ex-girlfriend, Guzel Ganieva, denies ever meeting Epstein.

The A Few Good Men defense! Black does remember how that turned out for Jack Nicholson’s character, right?

Apollo Co-Founder Leon Black Denies Ex-Model’s Epstein Allegations [WSJ]

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