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Three years ago, the benighted partners at Citadel Europe had a mere $370 million to split amongst themselves. Last year, it was just shy of a billion, which means both fewer unsettling gazes from the boss, and also more money.

In 2019 it had 13 partners, but in 2020 it had 21…. Citadel Europe partners therefore received an average of $2.6m in 2019 and $2.2m each in 2020…. While pay for the average Citadel Europe partner fell last year amidst the rush of new appointees, pay for the average employee of Citadel Management Europe Ltd. rose from $1.1m in 2019 to $1.3m in 2020. This followed a 26% increase in profits to $467m.

Hedge fund Citadel hiked pay, made partners as profits surged [efinancialcareers]



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