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We’ve learned a lot about Theranos over the last seven weeks of founder Elizabeth Holmes’ fraud trial, and almost none of it puts her or the company in a positive light. But here’s a helpful reminder that at least some good came of the whole thing: It made former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sad.

Lisa Peterson, the DeVos family's private equity investment manager, said during her testimony that the family even doubled its investment, from $50 million to nearly $100 million, after Holmes dazzled them during a pitch meeting.

Peterson also said that Holmes was "handpicking" super-wealthy families to invest in the company, despite the fact that she knew the blood testing equipment that Theranos manufactured didn't work, according to the Washington Post. When prosecutors asked if Peterson believed that Holmes singled out the DeVos family, Peterson answered, "very much so."

Last week in court, one former project manager for Theranos testified that international media mogul Rupert Murdoch had also been targeted by Holmes. He, in turn, invested $125 million into Theranos.

Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes accused of bilking Betsy DeVos' family out of $100 million [Salon]

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