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You heard it here first!

“It’s becoming ever more difficult to have this as our global headquarters, a city which has so much violence,” [Ken] Griffin said. “I mean Chicago is like Afghanistan, on a good day, and that’s a problem.”

Griffin said he personally saw “25 bullet shots in the glass window of the retail space” in the building he lives in, adding that someone “tried to carjack the security detail” that sits outside his house…. “It just tells you like how deep crime runs in this city,” Griffin said. “There is nowhere, where you can feel safe today walking home at 9:30 at night and you worry about your kids coming to and from school.”

“That’s no way for our city to exist,” Griffin said….

“I told [Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker] to deploy the National Guard and he goes, ‘It won’t look good for there to be men and women on Michigan Avenue with assault weapons,’” Griffin claimed. “If that saves the life of a child, I don’t care. And he doesn’t care.”

Griffin warned if the city doesn’t “change course,” it’s only a matter of years before Citadel’s global headquarters leaves Chicago.

Having spent so much time away from the Windy City in recent years, Griffin’s only now realizing just how big a shithole it is. Not that some of the other places he’s hanging out and spending so many hundreds of millions of dollars in are any great shakes, either.

Griffin didn’t say where he might consider moving his global headquarters to, but he was asked if New York City could serve as an “antidote to the dysfunction” of Chicago.

“You guys need some new medicine, too, because some of the same problems that we have faced is now unfolding in New York,” Griffin said. “The path New York is on is a scary path.”

You guys: We all know where Citadel is moving.

Griffin’s $5 million gift on April 30 tops donations to [Florida Gov. Ron] DeSantis’s political action committee this year.

Which is not to say that Griffin loves everything about his native state’s leader. It’s just that actively working to increase the risk of death to one’s most vulnerable people is apparently not as bad as, well, not doing that (despite Griffin’s claim, Pritzker did, in fact, call in the National Guard—leading Pritzker's spokesman to rather acidly note that Griffin "lied to Congress last year and he is lying to Chicagoans now"—and Florida’s homicide rate isn’t that much better than Illinois’, and twice as bad as New York’s), and also trying to raise Ken Griffin’s taxes.

“I’ve been frustrated with his position on masks because it has overshadowed his messaging on vaccinations,” Griffin, the founder of Citadel and Citadel Securities, said…. “He’s caught himself up in a political maelstrom of putting the concept of personal freedom first and foremost around masks, and I understand the principle. But Florida’s a really diverse state. He should have let each county make a decision on its own.”

KG was really in fine form, it must be said.

"I wish all this passion and energy that went to crypto was directed towards making the United States stronger," the hedge fund billionaire said at the Economic Club of Chicago.

"It's a jihadist call that we don't believe in the dollar," he said Monday. "What a crazy concept this is, that we as a country embrace so many bright, young, talented people to come up with a replacement for our reserve currency."

That being said, much like making a man whose recklessness he pretends to deplore president, he’s not exactly ruling out taking up the jihadist call if it suits him.

Griffin said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was "spot-on" when he argued crypto will become mainstream only if regulators lay out clear rules.... Citadel Securities will trade cryptocurrencies once regulation kicks in, as that would meet the needs of its brokerage partners, he said.

If you’re wondering what’s making Ken so expansive and loquacious, well:

Citadel’s multistrategy flagship fund Wellington gained 7.8% in September, bringing its year-to-date performance to 18.5%, according to a person familiar with the returns…. Citadel’s other multistrategy fund, Tactical Trading, gained 3.9% in September and is up 14.1% this year.

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