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Bill Ackman has had little to complain about from the coronavirus pandemic beyond whining about how the television station on which he made televised remarks about said pandemic chose to televise those remarks. This remains true: The Ackmanaissance has barely suffered a sniffle over the past two years.

Still, in spite of his fear of being taken out of context and his penchant for saying extremely stupid things, Billy just can’t keep his mouth shut, even about the thing that got him in trouble the first time. It’s just that he’s so damned excited about the next wave of a disease that has done so well by him.

“While it is too early to have definitive data, early reported data suggest that the Omicron virus causes ‘mild to moderate’ symptoms (less severity) and is more transmissible,” Ackman said in a tweet Sunday evening. “If this turns out to be true, this is bullish not bearish for markets….” In July when Wall Street was grappling with the Covid delta variant, Ackman said it doesn’t pose a significant threat to the economic reopening and he sees interest rates rising on the back of the big comeback.

Bill Ackman says the Covid omicron variant could end up being bullish for markets [CNBC]


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