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If you are a SoftBank Vision investor with an incredibly short memory, perhaps you only recall the good times, like that time it made $8 billion in one quarter. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that it is possible for Masa Son’s little unicorn hunters to actually lose money. Perhaps words like “WeWork” or “Uber” simply don’t ring a bell.

Well, allow SoftBank Vision CFO Navneet Govil to assure you that you’ll have the opportunity to gaze on in horror as a substantial chunk of your investment goes up in flames at some point.

Not all of these companies are going to be DoorDash Inc. [a food delivery company that surged in value when it went public]. A lot of them are going to fail. That’s OK, because it wasn’t a multibillion-dollar investment that you’ve lost.

Except, you know, when it is.

SoftBank Vision Fund CFO Cautions Not All Investments Will Be the Next DoorDash. Many Are Likely to Fail [WSJ]



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