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First it was Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, undone by his undeniable benign neglect of a pedophile even his boss, who on numerous occasions expressed amorous intentions toward his own daughter, found a bit creepy. The next to fall was hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, who chose to resign rather than continue to talk about his late friend. (It didn’t work.) Then private equity titan Leon Black, whose ties to Epstein proved less limited than he implied, and whose likeness to the late sex criminal allegedly closer than anyone would like, took his leave.

Indeed, as they say, the cover up is worse than the crime, and trying to (allegedly) pretend you were less close to Epstein than you really were therefore a bad strategy. Which brings us to the man who transacted the only piece of real business that we know Epstein ever did, Jes Staley.

Barclays and Staley “were made aware on Friday evening of the preliminary conclusions” of a probe by the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, Barclays said…. “In view of those conclusions, and Mr Staley’s intention to contest them, the Board and Mr Staley have agreed that he will step down from his role as Group Chief Executive and as a director of Barclays,” the bank said….

The bank said the investigation “makes no findings that Mr Staley saw, or was aware of, any of Mr Epstein’s alleged crimes, which was the central question underpinning Barclays’ support for Mr Staley following the arrest of Mr Epstein in the summer of 2019.”

Of course not. Anyway, Staley was succeeded by C.S. Venkatakrishnan, the bank’s head of global markets and former group chief risk officer, who Staley lured from JPMorgan Chase when he was hired to lead Barclays. Welcome to the job, Venkat!

Barclays’s New CEO Faces Old Challenges

Well, not all of the old challenges, anyway. Which brings us to another older white man who’s having a devil of a time getting out from under the ugliness of links to Epstein.

The Duke of York's lawyers said the "baseless lawsuit" should be dismissed because [Virginia] Giuffre failed to sufficiently outline her claims against him.

Ms Giuffre, 38, has accused Prince Andrew of sexually assaulting her when she was 17 and a minor under US law…. She says she was assaulted by the prince at the London home of Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, and at Epstein's homes in Manhattan and Little Saint James, in the US Virgin Islands.

In the court document filed on Friday, Prince Andrew's lawyers said his "sullied reputation is only the latest collateral damage of the Epstein scandal".

Yes, your heart really can’t but go out to the idiot children of feudal relics for the loss of esteem suffered due to their friendship with a child sex trafficker. They are the real victims here, if you think about it. How many more of them will have to suffer?

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