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Of all the unsavory people in the world you’d rather not have your bank associated with, Alex Murdaugh would be pretty high on the list. The scion of a prominent South Carolina legal factory, Murdaugh currently stands accused of stealing some $5 million from, among others, an injured state trooper, his now-former law firm and the family of his former housekeeper, who, by the way, is also one of four people—including his wife and son—Murdaugh is suspected of killing, in addition to allegedly trying to have himself killed so the son he hasn’t allegedly killed would get his life insurance money.

It’s really quite a sordid set of alleged misdeeds, and the family of Murdaugh’s dead housekeeper say he didn’t do it alone—and they’re not talking about his former oxycodone dealer, who’s accused of shooting Murdaugh as part of the aforementioned scheme.

“Murdaugh did not act alone. Bank of America is the bank of a money launderer. Bank of America is a bank of fraud. They are nothing more than a high-tech laundromat,” the lawsuit said…. Bank of America failed to require proper account-opening documents for the Murdaugh accounts, allowed withdrawals to evade currency transaction reporting requirements, allowed fraudulent deposits and allowed numerous cashiers’ checks to issue from Murdaugh’s fake Forge accounts, the lawsuit said.

Bank of America aided Murdaugh in his scheme to steal money, new lawsuit claims [The State]

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