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To say Donald Trump was a difficult boss is an understatement. And keeping the president of the United States safe, even in North Korea, seems a bit of a challenge, to say the least. Well, as the head of the president’s security detail, David Cho has managed both of those tests. Now, however, he’s ready for a real nightmare boss and some true security nightmares.

David Cho [will] start at $43 billion Citadel on Jan. 3 as deputy head of security, according to a spokesman for the firm.

Of course, Cho will find some familiar faces at Citadel down in the interrogation rooms.

The Blackstone Group is also doing some hiring, and it’s also going with some folks who know how to handle difficult bosses.

David Ben-Ur, who managed [Bruce] Kovner's family money, will join as chief investment officer of the unit's hedge fund solutions business. Atish Nigam, who worked at [David] Tepper's hedge fund Appaloosa Management, will become chief investment officer of the hedge fund unit's special situations investing business.

Biden’s Top Secret Service Agent Cho to Join Hedge Fund Citadel [Bloomberg]
Blackstone hires senior executives for its hedge fund unit [Reuters]

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