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Just over a month after his arrest on insider-trading, former McKinsey partner Puneet Dikshit pleaded guilty as charged. Specifically, those charges were trading in GreenSky options while advising Goldman Sachs on the bank’s planned purchase of the fintech.

He was accused of using information gained in his role advising Goldman on the deal to place out-of-the money call option bets two days before the acquisition was announced, netting more than $450,000 in gains…. Dikshit plead guilty to one count of securities fraud, which brings a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

So there’s no longer any question about what’s going to happen to Dikshit. The remaining question is, why does Goldman trust anyone with McKinsey to keep a secret anymore?

Ex-McKinsey partner pleads guilty to insider trading in Goldman Sachs fintech deal [CNBC]

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