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Warren Buffett may be 91, and his number two, Charlie Munger, may be 98. But both are fully vaccinated and, given Berkshire Hathaway’s feelings about the vaccine-industrial complex, presumably also fully boosted. And, it seems, crucially, they are as sick of Zoom as your grandparents. Which means it’s time to start planning your first trip to Omaha in two years, ‘cuz Buffettstock is coming back live. Unless the next variant makes that impossible. You know how these things go by now.

Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate that Mr. Buffett runs, said on Tuesday that it was planning to hold its annual shareholder meeting in person this year. The event is scheduled for April 30, and it will also be streamed live, as it has been for several years…. Details of how this year’s meeting will proceed, including any coronavirus testing or vaccination requirements for attendees, were not disclosed. The company said it would provide additional information when it publishes its annual report next month.

Berkshire Hathaway plans to hold its next annual meeting in person. [NYT]


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