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Three months ago, Goldman Sachs’ board of directors handed CEO David Solomon $50 million in the bank’s stock to keep him on side. Apparently, however, this was insufficient to ensure that he doesn’t join in the Great Resignation to go run some other bank or take up music full-time or whatever, because

Mr. Solomon received a $35 million pay package for 2021, the bank said in a securities filing Friday. That is up from $17.5 million in 2020, when Goldman cut his pay by $10 million following the bank’s admission that it broke U.S. laws in its dealings with an investment fund at the heart of a global corruption ring…. Mr. Solomon’s 2021 pay package consisted of a $2 million base salary, a cash bonus of about $10 million and a $23.1 million stock award that is tied to how well the bank performs in the next few years.

Goldman Doubles CEO David Solomon’s 2021 Pay to $35 Million [WSJ]



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