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In what looks to be his last movie appearance for a while, Zach Avery plays a criminal recently released from prison. According to the one review we bothered to read, he didn’t do a particularly good job of it. Now, if they were to remake “The Gateway” in 20 years, he might better be able to portray such a character, because, well….

An LA actor who orchestrated an elaborate Ponzi scheme that raised $650 million in bogus licensing deals with HBO and Netflix was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

In addition to jail time, US District Judge Mark C. Scarsi on Monday ordered Zachary Joseph Horwitz, 35, to pay about $230 million in restitution to more than 250 investors who bankrolled his business venture 1inMM Capital.

That business venture was, of course, a Ponzi scheme. But it wasn’t all bad, for without it, Avery née Horwitz wouldn’t have gotten to practice being behind bars before, you know, actually going there.

Horwitz also used some of the funds to finance low-budget films he appeared in, including “Gateway” and “The White Crow,” according to court documents.

Actor sentenced in $650 million Ponzi scheme involving fake Netflix, HBO deals [N.Y. Post]

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