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Our former Above the Law compatriot Elie Mystal has moved on to The Nation, but he’s still talking about law. He’s even got a new book! You should buy it (affiliate link)! But you might have to find an alternative supplier because Amazon is SOLD OUT one day into its release.

In fairness to Amazon, it seems like there aren’t copies anywhere. They just might not have printed enough copies for someone with an ATL-sized audience… with a Nation-sized boost… with MSNBC talking about the book on a daily basis.

elie book sold out

I mean… “temporarily out of stock.” On Amazon? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that message and I’m from Oregon so I’ve bought from these people since 1997! Supply chain troubles are everywhere!

Your best bet may be Audible, where Elie reads it himself because, as he quipped, Sam Jackson wasn’t available. Because, if you’re too young to remember the classics, the title is a play on an iconic Samuel L. Jackson quote.

sam jackson retort

I’m about to shove off to provide ATL coverage of the ABA TECHSHOW. I guess I’ll be plugging in Audible to listen to my old podcast co-host!

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