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Joe Biden is the oldest person ever elected president. His approval ratings are in the toilet, Democrats look likely to take a bludgeoning at the midterm elections in November and most people think he’s not going to bother in 2024. The most likely candidates for his job in that eventuality, Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Donald Trump, are as or even more unpopular. In this terrifying, uncertain moment, that means there just might be an opening for one perennial non-candidate.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told President Biden the White House needs to create a “Marshall Plan” to develop more domestic gas and other energy resources…. Dimon told the president and his top economic aides additional gas production is needed both for Europe and America's energy security…. He is calling for more liquified natural gas facilities in Europe, reduced reliance on Russian imports and investments in new technology — like hydrogen and carbon capture.

Jamie Dimon pushes Biden for domestic energy "Marshall Plan" [Axios]

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Dimon 2024!

It begins anew.

Jamie Dimon Candidate

It’s Not Jamie Dimon’s Fault He Can’t Help Sounding Presidential

Maybe all of you Bernie Bros should have thought about that before scaring him out of the race and leaving us with Joe Biden.

Jamie Dimon Candidate

Jamie Dimon, Who Is Definitely Not Running For President, Unveils Newest Criminal Justice Reform Plan

Give him your hungry, your tired, your convicted felons yearning to, uh, say hello to people as they enter a Chase branch.