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You might think that the cover boy for the world’s billionaires (literally) wouldn't have much to worry about, especially given just how much money his Citadel Securities is printing these days. But, well, given [waves hands wildly around at everything] Ken Griffin isn’t sleeping all that well.

“I grew up in a world where we were children of mutually assured destruction,” says Griffin, 53. “It was ‘get under your desk to brace for the impact of a nuclear blast.’ To see us return to the rhetoric of that moment is a huge setback….”

“The continued unfolding of this catastrophe in Ukraine is a giant unforced error by mankind,” he says.

And, as usual in Griffin’s mind, it’s the Democrats’ fault.

The unprecedented moves by Western powers to shut off Russia’s access to capital markets heralds the weaponization of the dollar, he says.

There will be serious repercussions, with Russia, China and others seeing no option but to diversify away from the greenback. De-dollarization by a China-Russia-Iran-Brazil trading bloc could easily morph into the exclusion of American companies and investors from fast-growing markets. “Have we laid the seeds for the setting of the American era of technological superiority?” Griffin asks.

And, as one particular Democrat might put it, that’s something Griffin might not be entirely objective about. But no matter: There’s at least one very good thing about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its sanctions-filled aftermath for Griffin: He might get a pretty decent soccer team out of it.

Sky News has learnt that the Ricketts family and the hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin have hired Jefferies, the US-based investment bank, to advise on and potentially help finance a formal offer for the Blues.

Jefferies' appointment, alongside that of Lazard - another adviser to the Ricketts-Griffin bid - underlines how Wall Street banks are jockeying for roles on what could be the most lucrative sale of a sports franchise in history.

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