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Four years ago, six German police cruisers pulled up outside Taunusanlage 12 for a little look-see around Deutsche Bank’s twin-towered headquarters, hoping to learn a bit more about how the company did or did not prevent money laundering. Since then, the lesser DB has spent a great deal of time assuring the likes of the German police, other German regulators and U.S. market authorities that it is working overtime trying to fix those flaws, with quite frankly underwhelming results.

How underwhelming? Well, the cops are back, and want to look at some familiar things.

German authorities searched Deutsche Bank AG’s headquarters in Frankfurt on Friday, a move the bank said was related to suspicious activity reports it filed to an anti-money-laundering agency…. Agents from Frankfurt’s prosecutor’s office, German financial regulator BaFin and the federal police showed up at Deutsche Bank with a search warrant issued by the Frankfurt local court, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Which I guess, given that it’s on the same path, means Credit Suisse should make sure to have some tea and biscuits for the Polizei at some point in 2025.

Deutsche Bank Searched Over Suspicious Activity Reports [WSJ]
Deutsche Bank Shows the Long Road Ahead for Credit Suisse [WSJ]

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