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Rising inflation is forcing many of us to make hard choices, as soaring gas, electricity and food prices take a bite even from those whose paychecks have also enjoyed a bit of inflation themselves. Why, just consider the sad case of Jessica Keplinger of the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, London.

The interior designer, who is married to a hedge fund manager Werner, also told The Times she would swap her weekly £18 vegetable box for shopping at Ocado, and stop getting regular takeaways from upmarket restaurant Hakkasan….

During the interview, she explained she planned to give up her Audi A3, which she's mainly been using for the school run.

Instead, she said she would look at hiring a Tesla for car journeys in order to cut costs.

The struggle is real, you guys, and the worst thing is that’s not even the half of it.

In an interview which went viral over the weekend, Jessica Keplinger, 38, from London, explained her cost-cutting plans, which included trading her £40,000 full-time nanny for a £10,000 au-pair for her son Teddy, three… She also revealed her plans to visit her local farmers' market and iron her own clothes.

And it’s all because of that damned inflation.

The mother-of-one revealed that one of her main reasons for cutting back was that she and her husband had spent 'huge sums' moving from a three-bedroom flat in West Hampstead to a four-bedroom house in Kingston-Upon-Thames./The couple had ambitions to renovate the kitchen and add an extension, however building and labour costs were above their £100,000 budget.

When will the suffering end?

'We're ditching the £40,000 nanny, for a £10,000 au pair': Wife of hedge fund manager is branded 'entitled' after sharing plans to combat cost of living crisis - from ironing her own clothes to giving up the Audi for a hired Tesla [Daily Mail]
We’re swapping a £40k nanny for a £10k au pair: preparing for the cost of living squeeze [The Times]
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