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From an employer perspective, it’s bad enough that William Christian exposed himself to one employee, specifically a very junior subordinate, in the act of getting her pregnant. But, it seems, the former GoldenTree Asset Management chief operating officer wasn’t satisfied with sharing his personal magnificence with only one co-worker.

“Christian subjected employees to in-person meetings and conversations while his pants were pulled down to his ankles,” according to testimony in court papers…. Christian also “showed at least one subordinate a picture of his exposed genitals,” it was alleged.

In fairness to Christian, his apparent need to share was not merely a matter of pride, nor, as the arbitrator primly put it, the creation of “a hostile work environment,” but, it seems, a deep need to connect over the glories of the human body.

He also “admitted turning on pornography at least briefly on a television in a hotel room full of GoldenTree employees.”

One assistant alleged that Christian asked her to buy biking gear for him on what looked like a pornographic web site.

Of course, we only know any of this because instead of simply accepting his 2020 firing as par for the course for an executive who, in addition to the aforementioned, as allegedly enjoyed bandying about “disgusting sexual comments” and “frequent and gratuitous insults,” Christian demanded $5 million in severance for his troubles. And even after the aforementioned arbiter awarded him $1.2 million—in spite of the aforementioned behavior and instead of coughing up the $13 million in clawbacks GoldenTree sought, he decided to seek satisfaction in the courts. Which brings us back to the subordinate he knocked up.

In court papers, the company alleges that Christian flew the junior-level female employee that he impregnated to Madrid, where he took her to dinner. It is alleged that Christian then billed the company even though the trip to Spain had no work-related purpose.

Hedge fund exec got subordinate pregnant, ‘exposed genitals’ to employees: suit [N.Y. Post]

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