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They promised milk and honey. They promised sunshine and no rain. And on those counts, at least, it must be said that the Brexit-backing crew led by a criminal prime minister have, in a sense, delivered: Every day, the United Kingdom looks more and more like certain other, better-weathered island nations.

“The challenges facing the BoE are unique along with a supply dynamic that it remains wholly unwilling to discuss: Brexit. This has resulted in a confusing communication strategy: hiking rates against a sharply slowing economy is never a good look for any currency,” [Bank of America strategist Kamal] Sharma said…. “Investors are increasingly discussing GBP as taking on emerging market characteristics whilst parallels to the 1970′s resonate as being one of the worst post-war decades for the UK.”

Well, now that they’ve taken back control, they can follow the lead of their fellow emerging market El Salvador and ditch the plummeting pound—not for the euro, of course, that would be silly: for bitcoin.

British pound is taking on ‘emerging market’ characteristics, Bank of America says [CNBC]



Brexit Means Brexit, After All

You better bloody believe it, tossers!

England's Donald Trump: Pro-Leave, obviously.

Boris Johnson Wastes No Time Proving, Yup, He’s Still Boris Johnson

Thanks for the campaign money, City, and sorry (but not really).

England's Donald Trump: Pro-Leave, obviously.

Brexiteers Have Figured Out What Brexit Means, And It’s Not What The Prime Minister Says It Means

So in the great tradition of Brexit, they’re taking their balls and going home.

England's Donald Trump: Pro-Leave, obviously.

Hedge Funds Continue To Enjoy The Brexit World They Helped Create

Boris Johnson is worth his substantial weight in gold to these people.

By Robert Sharp / englishpen (Simon Singh Press Conference) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

U.K. Brexit Chief May Need A Little More Time To Figure Out What Brexit Means

In spite of what his boss has been telling us, it may have multiple meanings.

Getty Images

Brexit Will Never End

The latest fantasy to be dashed is the one in which there’s actually a day on which the U.K. and EU’s divorce is finalized.

By Rlevente [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Brexit Means Brexit But Also Hair-Pulling, Hand-Wringing, Wingeing Among Traders

Nothing makes sense anymore, including the British economy.