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Donald Trump insisted he had no interest whatsoever in getting back on Twitter (in response to questions about whether or not Elon Musk would allow him back, should he ever close his Twitter purchase). In May, Donald Trump lost his lawsuit trying to force Twitter to reinstate him. In June, Donald Trump (who again, insists he wouldn’t even go back to Twitter if he were allowed to) decided to appeal the loss in his lawsuit in order to try to force Twitter to reinstate him.

The fact that Donald Trump might state things contrary to the truth isn’t much of a surprise, of course. But at some point, you gotta wonder how much he wants to actually rack up legal bills for this nonsense victimization campaign.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised Trump jumped straight to appeal here. The district court judge had left it open for him to amend his complaint, and I figured Trump would take one more crack at that before jumping to appeal. However, maybe he’s feeling high because his hand-picked Supreme Court Justices have started to show less and less restraint in using their lifetime appointments to settle political grievances — so perhaps he feels the faster he can get in front of today’s SCOTUS, the better.

This case is a total loser, though, and it would take some seriously warped twisting of so much existing law, that even this court would likely find it difficult to force Twitter to reinstate Trump.

Trump Doesn’t Want To Get Back On Twitter So Badly, He’s Appealing His Case To Get Back On Twitter [TechDirt]

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