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When 23-year-old “influencer” Stella Barey flew from L.A. to Montana for her dad’s wedding, with her best friend as her date, she probably wasn’t expecting to get laid. She certainly wasn’t expecting to get some from a guy she’s known since she was four. Especially, you know, since he was her dad’s best man. But, you know, things happen.

“During the wedding, I’m sitting in the front row, and he’s a groomsman, so he’s standing right in front of me.”

“We keep making eye contact, and I’m feeling so much tension between us, because he is so attractive. I just kept writing it off.”

Yada, yada, yada:

“I wake up the next morning next to my dad’s best man, and my friend. Obviously that night, we did stuff, with my friend sleeping right next to me.”

No points for guessing what this guy does for a living.

“I thought, why would he do that to my dad at his wedding? Why would he be into me in the first place? He runs a hedge fund, I just graduated.”

Daughter sleeps with father’s best man at wedding: ‘Dad doesn’t know’ [N.Y. Post]



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