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You may question Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler’s methods, and if the polls are right a lot of people on Capitol Hill will be doing a great deal of that come January. You may question his goals, his haste, his impact on his underlings. But you cannot question the cold, hard results.

The Securities and Exchange Commission imposed 13 fines greater than $100 million on public companies during its latest fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, up from the prior year’s three cases at that level. In some other recent years, the SEC didn’t levy any fines that large…. In its 2022 fiscal year, the SEC levied $2.2 billion in fines against exchange-listed companies, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. That amount dwarfs what the commission imposed in recent years….

Under Biden Administration, Wall Street Watchdog’s Fines Surge [WSJ]

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SEC Making Sure Gary Gensler Will Feel Right At Home

You can authorize and investigation and you can authorize an investigation and you and you and you, too!


Will There Be Anything Left For Gary Gensler To Do At The SEC?

Interim chief Allison Herren Lee keeps taking things off his plate.

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SEC To Reduce The Number Of Things Private Equity Firms Can Lie About

And also, you know, try to reduce the number of times they lie in other respects.

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Gary Gensler Stands Astride History Yelling Stop

Actually, he’s not saying anything. Just suing.


Maybe Having A Crypto Expert At SEC’s Helm Isn’t So Great For Crypto Company Being Sued By SEC

Gary Gensler knows what a cryptocurrency is when he sees it, and XRP may be right in his blind spot.


Gary Gensler Hires Gary Gensler For Job Gary Gensler’s Been Waiting Seven Years For

Looking for comment letters on undoing everything Jay Clayton did over the last four.

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Gary Gensler, His Slide Rule Are Coming For Your Bonuses

If companies can’t do math properly, the SEC will do it for them.


Gary Gensler May Need No Sleep, But The SEC Staff Does

The regulators are feeling wrung out by all the regulating.