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Serhat Gumrukcu has some explaining to do. For years, companies he owned conducted all sorts of tests for a company he co-founded, and for which that company, Enochian BioSciences, paid those other companies $25 million. Or so he said: A few months ago, Enochian began taking a look at the data provided from those tests and found that at least one of the experiments hadn’t been conducted at all, and those that were had their results fiddled with before submission—and when conducted properly, produced rather different and rather less positive outcomes.

“In short, the study had failed and no follow-up challenges to the same (now dead) mice could be done,” Enochian said.

Anyway, Enochian is now suing Gumrukcu for all $25 million and thensome, which sounds pretty bad for Gumrukcu. But, as it happens, he’s got rather bigger problems.

Mr. Gumrukcu is currently in federal custody pending trial after being indicted earlier this year on charges that he conspired to hire a hit man to murder a business associate.

Biotech Co-Founder, Facing Murder-for-Hire Charges, Accused of Fabricating Data [WSJ]

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