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Fajr Bouguettaya knows how to unwind a portfolio. After all, as one of JPMorgan Chase’s top derivatives traders in Europe, he helped clean up the bloody, $6.2 billion mess made by the London Whale, once it had been so skillfully and gorily harpooned by Boaz Weinstein. Which means that disposing of his own hedge fund’s $300 million book should be no problem at all.

The money manager… decided to redeem all investors in BirchLane Capital after its main backer, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, pulled its seed capital…. BirchLane’s growth and returns were not fast enough for CPPIB to continue….

Ex-JPMorgan Trader’s Hedge Fund BirchLane Returns Investor Cash [Bloomberg]


whale fine

Before Killing Whale, Boaz Weinstein Helped Save One

And when he did go into whale hunting, boy did the experience ever pay off.


London Whale Prevents Tragic Miscarriage Of Justice

It turns out he was trying to put the wrong people in jail.

By Everett Henry (1893–1961) ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Saba Capital Closes London Whaling Port

Hedge funds cannot survive on fish and chips alone.


First Hedge Fund Dies Of Coronavirus

If you’ve been in contact with Solus Alternative Asset Management’s flagship, please lock your door right away and swallow the key.

By Alex Guibord [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Local Hedge Fund Manager Makes Peace With Canada

I mean, who could stay mad at this face?


No Morals, No Mayfair: A Tax-Advantaged Hedge Fund Manager’s Lament

Dubai’s nice and all, but kind of boring. Also he’d like his $500 million back.