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Earlier this week, Sculptor Capital Management CEO Jimmy Levin expressed his hope that he could bury the hatchet with his mentor, firm founder and former namesake Dan Och. You could hardly blame Levin: The increasingly nasty blood feud pursued by Och has gone from Och’s maneuvering to first try to humiliate Levin into quitting and then to keep him from ever taking control of the then-Och Ziff Capital Management (both ultimately unsuccessfully), to seeking to block Levin’s pay package, to trying to find a buyer who would fire Levin, to—most recently—dredging up 20-year-old sexual assault allegations against Levin that Och himself had once cheerfully ignored.

Well, Levin can keep on hoping, because Och hasn’t finished plumbing the bottom of the barrel in this battle.

“Not only have I never seen any report from Harvard, but based on the information presented to me in 2017, I had concerns about the matter,” Och wrote in a regulatory filing Thursday. “I made clear to the board at the time and in subsequent meetings when the issue arose. These facts are reflected in the company’s records.”

Setting aside the likelihood than “any report from Harvard” on a matter of alleged student sexual assault would be worthless, 2017 was a full two years after Och had first been made aware of the accusations against Levin. Whatever “concerns about the matter” he may have had then didn’t prevent him from promoting Levin, compensating him lavishly out of his own pocket and then anointing him his successor, following an internal investigation whose clearing of Levin was apparently fully backed by Och at the time in spite of being so allegedly shoddy as to fail to produce “the information presented” to Och two years later, by which time the firm’s board of directors had ample reason to doubt Och’s judgment and also his sudden change of heart about Levin succeeding him.

Anyway, if Levin really wanted to make Och shut up and go away, he could always just quit or sell the firm and go back to teaching billionaires’ kids how to waterski.

In the Thursday statement, Och reiterated his wish that the board pursue “a broad range of strategic alternatives” to fix governance and improve performance.

Hedge Fund Billionaire Och Fires Back at Sculptor Over Board Statement [Bloomberg]

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