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His prurient persistence in pursuing his blood feud with his kids’ former waterskiing instructor certainly offered the perception that billionaire Dan Och would stop at nothing to destroy the aforementioned Jimmy Levin, even if that meant destroying the hedge fund Och founded and still invests a considerable amount of his fortune in because Levin is running it. Certainly, his response to Levin’s rather weary extension of the olive branch following Och’s dredging up of decades-old and apparently fairly well refuted allegations of sexual assault against Levin—doubling down on them and denying that he’d seen anything close to an exoneration of the man he repeatedly promoted and lavishly paid even after learning of the allegations—wouldn’t indicate any interest in anything other than total victory.

It seems, however, upon reflection and during this season of meditation on gratitude rather than thirsting for vengeance, Och has had a change of heart. That or, in the process of preparing for depositions, disclosures and the like regarding Sculptor Capital Management’s rather well-documented counterattack that Och ran the firm into the ground overseeing a continent-wide bribery scandal, and then decided to do it again because Levin was getting a bit uppity, Och realized that he, too, had something to lose through the rehearsal of old grievances. And so the two old friends have decided to leave the whole matter up to a game of chance: Sculptor will try to sell itself to someone. In the unlikely event someone does want to buy a massively underperforming hedge fund, Och gets his wish and Levin will be out of a job. If not, Levin gets to keep running Och’s old hedge fund and Och has to shut the fuck up, at least legally.

The committee, composed solely of independent directors, will gauge potential interest from third parties “that maximizes value for shareholders,” the New York-based investment manager said Friday in a statement…. The parties agreed that Sculptor would provide certain records, and the complaint was dismissed with prejudice.

“We will be supportive of a vigorous, independent, and thorough process that puts shareholders first,” Och said in the statement.

Hedge Fund Sculptor Resolves Legal Fight With Its Billionaire Founder [Bloomberg]

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This is fun.

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Man Who Paid Himself $3.9 Billion To Run Hedge Fund Thinks Guy Running Hedge Fund Is Overpaid

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Remember all the bribing on your watch that required saving from in the first place, Danny?

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Dan Och: I Never Saw Any Proof The Man I Picked To Succeed Me Wasn’t A Rapist

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This is fun.

Man Who Presided Over Continent-Wide Bribery Scheme Unhappy With Old Firm’s Corporate Governance

Dan Och would never have allowed this kind of thing to go on under his watch. Corruption on a lavishly grand scale, yes, but not overpaying a f*cking ski instructor.