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Chris Rokos enjoyed a first-rate education at Eton and Oxford, earning both a first-class honors bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in math from the latter. Mastering swaps and derivatives in the mid-1990s in the City, he went on to found not one but two fantastically successful hedge funds, and even managed to weasel his way out of a five-year non-compete agreement with the first in order to set up the second, where his skills are in such high regard that he’s able to raise 10 figures even in the most unfriendly of environments.

And yet, for the life of him, he cannot figure out how to give his kids access to Apple TV+ or to get his phone to link to the sound system in his home gym, and in spite of his gold-plated education, needs someone to explain it all to him as if he were a five-year-old. And also to his 

Rokos Capital Management, owned by secretive British billionaire Chris Rokos, 52, is seeking a 'VIP Support Engineer' for one of its 'senior board members' and their family.

The iPad butler must have a 'comprehensive understanding' of Apple products and features, including 'Apple TV, HomePod, iPad, iPhone, Family Sharing, iTunes and Photos’.

The job advert says they will also need 'excellent communication and interpersonal skills' and the ability to 'explain technical concepts' in a 'clear and concise' fashion.

If this sounds altogether beneath someone with at least a second-class degree from one of the best two dozen university in the U.K. and at least three years “relevant working experience,” it should be noted that there are perks.

They must be prepared to travel to offices and homes across the world and to provide 'out-of-hours support', while resolving any technical issues 'in a pro-active and timely manner.'

Glad to see Chris is making excellent use of that half-billion pounds he paid himself last year.

Hedge fund billionaire Chris Rokos who made £509MILLION last year seeks 'iPad butler' to help his family look after their Apple phones, tablets and other gadgets [Daily Mail]
Billionaire hedge fund manager seeks 'iPad butler' to look after family's Apple gadgets [LBC]



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