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There are some, no doubt, who might feel more than a pang of sadness that they’ll no longer enjoy the, uh, hospitality offered on Great and Little St. James islands. The former private domain of convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein played host at one time or another to the likes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Glenn (or is it Glen?) Dubin, Jes Staley, Leon Black and enslaved people whose traces Epstein was sure to erase from the face of his pedophile paradise. Should any of them or any other visitors be of the mind to succeed their late friend as master of one or both islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands wants to make clear that it won’t continue to tolerate all of the activities previously practiced thereon.

The settlement ends Epstein’s estate’s ownership of properties in the US Virgin Islands and certifies the islands can’t be used for illicit purposes by Epstein associates, the statement continues.

So, to recap: Sandy picnics, yes. Sex trafficking in underage girls, no.

The settlement also means that USVI Attorney General Denise George will stop being such a pain in the ass about what Epstein’s executors do with his remaining money—although the half of the proceeds from the sale of Little St. James that aren’t helping repay the $80 million in economic development tax benefits the territory paid Epstein and his various entities over the years for some reason will go to a fund benefitting victims of sex trafficking and sexual abuse, which does really seem like the very least they could do.

Jeffrey Epstein estate reaches $105 million settlement with US Virgin Islands [CNN]
Jeffrey Epstein estate settles Virgin Islands sex trafficking case for over $105 million [CNBC]

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