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Former National Economic Council Chairman and current Fox Business blatherer Larry Kudlow stood behind his old boss, former president Donald Trump, when the latter sought to overthrow the government rather than accept he’d lost an election. He stood by him while his lies about the COVID-19 pandemic killed hundreds of thousands of people. He stood by him as he contemplated all measures legal or otherwise to destroy the Federal Reserve’s independence, as well as other blatantly illegal or unconstitutional measures. Even stood by him as Trump took aim at the only thing Kramer truly holds dear, the strength of the greenback. Did an awful lot of lying on Trump’s behalf, as well, in spite of all the above. But now, Kuddles has had enough.

"I don't understand what our former boss is doing," Kudlow said, speaking with Trump's former counselor Kellyanne Conway.

"I love the guy, but I do not understand Kanye West, hanging out with white nationalists, hanging out with anti-Semitic people, talking about ending the Constitution or postponing the Constitution," he said.

Uh, Larry, you were having white nationalists over to dinner at yours long before Ye brought Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago. And you took the job at the NEC from a guy who waited too long to resign after Donald called all those incels shouting “Jews shall not replace us” “good people.”

"I don't get it, I don't understand why he's saying it, and if he says it why hasn't he, you know, apologised for it or corrected the record or something, because he's losing support left and right, I hear it everywhere."

Ah, the nub of the issue: As Kramer showed during his years of support for Trump prior to his NEC appointment, and during his service the dime-store Mussolini to the very end, it’s not that hanging out with racists and anti-semites, or seeking to shred the Constitution, are wrong. That’s irrelevant. It’s that they are unpopular, and therefore get in the way of Trump’s returning to power and cutting more of Kudlow’s taxes.

How brave.

Trump's former White House economic adviser says he's going off the rails and losing support from all sides [BI]


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