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Confidential To Greg Lippmann: Your Sushi Analysis Is Required Downtown ASAP

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As you may have heard, a giant Duane Reade opened on Wall Street today. It includes the standard items you'd expect at a DR, plus hairstyling services, a nail salon, a smoothie bar, beer growlers, a stock ticker and sushi. Clearly the company is hoping to be a big hit with the financial services professional who work nearby and while Duane Reade president Joe Magnacca said he and his team "believe it’s the most exciting drugstore in the world," where one should not think twice about buying and consuming the fish, some remain skeptical.

Michael Fram and Tom McDonnell, who work at 40 Wall Street, were chatting outside the building Thursday afternoon. Both men said they were unaware that the store was opening, despite the gigantic banners that flapped directly overhead. Told of its arrival, they said they thought the store would be convenient, but they were not sure they would go there for lunch. “I don’t know about the sushi,” Mr. Fram said. “I’d have to smell it first. But I’ll try anything once.”

Clearly there's only one person who can truly be the judge of the sushi situation down there: Greg Lippmann. The former Deutsche Bank employee who was famously "short your house" is also known for his serious sushi spreadsheet, which he's said to still update. His stamp of approval could give everyone the piece of mind they need to dive in or alternatively stick with the manicures only. Though Lippmann is probably a bit busy running his new firm, Libre Max, perhaps he can find it in his heart to help out the cause?

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Compared his friends. Greg Lippmann's LibreMax Capital, founded with three former colleagues from Deutsche Bank, posted a 10.12 percent gain for the year through the end of July, according to a letter to the fund's investors obtained by Reuters. The average hedge fund gained just 2.78 percent over that period, according to the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index. LibreMax got a boost last month, gaining 2.71 percent, as portions of the mortgage-backed market rallied, Lippmann, who is the fund's chief investment officer and portfolio manager, wrote in the letter. [Reuters]

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