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Hedge Fund Managers Shorting For-Profit Schools Have New Ally In Stripper Carrianne Howard

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Last Friday, Bloomberg printed a hilarious story about a girl named Carrianne Howard, who's fallen on hard time. Currently, Howard works at a topless bar called Lido Cabaret in Cocoa Beach, Florida. But, wait, that's not the funny part. What made the story a laugh riot was that the reporter/editor made the hugely tenuous (at best!) link that Howard's travails-- her parents had spent $70,000 for her to earn a bachelor’s degree in game and art design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, which helped her score an entry level job in her industry of choice after graduating in December 2007, from which she was later laid off and had to turn to showing her tits for money-- were the fault of Goldman Sachs, as the bank owns 38 percent of the Art Institute’s parent, Education Management Corp. Over the weekend, Carrianne took to YouTube to respond, clarifying the facts.

First off, so she's a stripper. So what? As Car says, "It's really not a big deal." More importantly, though, she (rightly) finds it bizarre that Goldman Sachs was blamed for her probs (strangely, she calls out Business Insider when she should've been bitching out Bloomberg but, whatevs, she was in the zone). Goldman Sachs-- who Howard makes clear she's "never met with, never talked on the phone with, never did anything with"-- is not the issue. It's these for-profit scam schools that are the problem, and she intends to release more videos about this topic and suggest it be investigated by Congress. Eisman/Chanos/et al-- call her.


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